Catering For Your Big Event

3 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Catering Equipment Supplier

by Ella Rodriguez

Whether it is a wedding reception or a product launch, caterers must always have the right catering equipment, including cutlery, crockery, hot trays, electric urns, food warmers and chafing dishes. Therefore, when hiring an equipment supplier, they must furnish you with everything for a successful event. Here are some essential factors to consider when engaging a catering equipment supplier.

Variety of Catering Equipment

Preparing for an event can be exciting and frustrating at the same time. Exciting because you get to display your skills and service quality to potential future customers, and frustrating because of the urge to achieve perfection. Notably, a catering equipment supplier can make life much easier for you, as long as they stock various devices. If they do, you can get everything you need from one supplier and have the equipment delivered simultaneously. If you hire a supplier who stocks select equipment, you will struggle to prepare for an event for two reasons. First, the equipment will be delivered at different times, and secondly, rental costs will be high.

Damage Policies

Catering equipment suppliers have different damage policies, which every caterer must keep in mind. If you do not, you might end up paying more than you should. Suppliers understand that accidents happen in catering events, and it is not always possible for a caterer to return the same number of glass crockery they rented. Therefore, caterers should only work with suppliers with reasonable damage policies. For example, a supplier who fines caterers for every glass crockery that breaks during an event may not be the right partner. Alternatively, a supplier that only charges a fine for a specific number of broken or damaged glassware may be more suited to your event. Make sure you read a supplier's damage policy before you decide to commit.

Emergency Services

Caterers are often advised to hope for the best and prepare for the worst when planning for an event. Events are unpredictable, and surprises can affect the quality of service delivery. Thus, a serious caterer must ensure that their event equipment supplier provides emergency services. For instance, if you hire an induction oven only for it to stop working, your supplier should deliver another oven immediately to help mitigate potential setbacks. Similarly, the right supplier should deliver additional equipment on a need basis, especially if you run short. A catering equipment supplier who offers emergency deliveries could be the difference between a successful event and a catering disaster.

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