Catering For Your Big Event

6 Fun Finger Foods You Might Serve at a Reception or Party

by Ella Rodriguez

When planning the menu for any party, you don't need to choose just a sit-down dinner; finger foods can be a good choice for a more casual event, and they allow guests to mingle easily. Check out some fun finger foods you might consider for a wedding reception or shower, birthday party or any event you're planning.

Tomato soup and grilled cheese

To prepare this dish, tomato soup is served hot in a teacup or other sturdy drink ware, with a wedge of a grilled cheese sandwich placed on the rim of the cup. Your guest can easily enjoy the sandwich while sipping the soup right from the cup—no spoon or utensils required!

Soft pretzels

For very casual parties, soft pretzels are a great option over the standard bread and muffins. They can be served on a stick or in a paper wrapper for holding, with a bit of mustard on the top.

Waffle bites

Small waffles make for great bite-sized foods, and their pockets allow you to add a variety of toppings without the risk of spilling. For a main course, you might top the waffles with fried chicken; for a sweet treat, opt for fruit toppings or a dollop of ice cream.

Chips and guacamole

This dish is an easy way to enjoy a casual favourite; serve freshly made guacamole in a wide glass or cup, with a variety of chips slid along the edge of the cup. You can also serve this dish in teacups for a fun twist! Dollop the guacamole in the cup and spread the chips on a saucer, and your guests have a great appetizer they can enjoy anywhere.

Silver dollar pancake rolls

Silver dollar pancakes make for a sweet roll that can hold a variety of fillings. For a main course, add a link sausage or bratwurst to the centre of the pancake alone with some fresh relish, or crumble together some freshly cooked bacon and browned potatoes for a breakfast twist. For something sweet, add a bit of fruit preserves. The pancakes can be folded up to form a cup, and then a toothpick or other wood skewer slid through the two sides can keep it handy for easy eating.

Veggie dip in a glass

For this appetizer, use a tall and somewhat narrow glass, and add ranch dressing or another dip to fill it about halfway through. Slide in some veggie spears, including carrots, celery and peapods. Your guests can then easily enjoy some healthy, premade crudités.

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